Sunday, February 16, 2014

Joker for Jesus

In 1 Cor. 4 v. 10, Paul identifies himself as a 'fool for Christ'. My dynamically equivalent translation is a 'joker for Jesus'. A more authentic transliteration would have Paul to be a 'moron for the Messiah'.

The reason for this description? Paul is not living for here and now, rather for the hereafter. An atheist's value system considers 'this life only', whereas Paul treats earthly life as a precursor to eternal life. In view of eternity's infinite time and the possibility of infinite bliss, Paul is prepared to resign current prestige and comforts. His reasoning seems to be an early form of Pascal's wager.

As a Christian today, my perspective should be aligned with Paul's. I too should be prepared to be a 'joker for Jesus'.

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