Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No timetable for departure (or arrival!)

Tony Blair repeatedly fails to clarify his departure plans. Everyone knows he is on his way out, but no-one is quite sure when, least of all himself it seems. His colleagues excuse this behaviour as necessary to safeguard his political legacy. On the other hand, his critics suggest that he is attempting to cling to power for as long as it takes to undermine his most likely successor.

The Bible promises that Jesus Christ will return one day, but "no-one knows the time, or the day, when the Son of Man will return. Not even the angels know it. It is the Father's secret." (Mark 13.32) He will come to establish himself as supreme world ruler. His government will be fair (Isaiah 32.1), firm (Rev 12.5) and for ever (Dan 2.44). What a marked contrast to present governments which seem so corrupt, weak and temporary!

So why are we waiting for His return? The Bible explains that God is still patiently waiting for people to turn to Christ. The remarkable truth is that if we submit to His rule now, then we will share in His rule in that coming Kingdom. (2 Tim 2.12)