Monday, January 21, 2008

Me and You

Some people claim that Jesus' teachings are entirely egocentric. To a point, I can see what they mean. The conventional teacher explains a subject - some physical, philosophical, moral or spiritual aspect of the world around us. The teacher points his pupils to an object other than himself. But the Lord Jesus Christ was different. So often he would say "I am..." and make astonishing claims about Himself. The C.S. Lewis poached egg mad/bad/God argument is par for the course here.

However I would like to bring out a different point. In every case when the Lord Jesus made a personal claim, he always did it with a view to blessing others. When he said "I am the bread of life", He immediately offered Himself to those who were spiritually hungry and thirsty. When he said "I am the Way", he promised that those who came through Him would reach the Father. When he said "I am the Good Shepherd", he promised to give his life for those who would be his sheep.

Every supposedly egocentric teaching of the Messiah is really a "for me and thee" teaching. (ref) He explains something about himself, and then shows us how He can bless us. Is that egocentric? No, I would rather define it as his amazing grace!

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