Thursday, October 19, 2006

Prayer Challenge

Have you seen the Special K challenge? It involves eating cereal for two weeks, with guaranteed improvements to your waistline! Well, I'm suggesting a prayer challenge with guaranteed improvements in your spiritual experience! I started yesterday, I'll let you know what happens in two weeks. Why don't you start now? Here's how it works. Decide on a suitable time of day and place. Then spend 10 minutes every day for the next two weeks talking to God. Try to go to the same place at the same time, each day. Who knows what the results will be?

There are plenty of Bible examples of people who had regular prayer-conversations with God. And they had amazing experiences! If you follow this through, it's guaranteed that something similar will happen to you! Think about Lydia, down by the river in Philippi. She found God (or God found her) for the first time properly. Daniel discovered old enemies (fellow courtiers) and new friends (hungry lions) in the palace at Babylon. Nehemiah got extended leave for a massive holiday DIY project. Elijah ran the weather forecasting industry out of business.

Finally, what about Jesus? His prayer life led to self-sacrifice on the cross. When he said to His Father - "Not what I want, but what you want. Let that happen" - he knew it would mean going all the way and giving his life. But he was prepared to go anywhere, do anything for God. Even to Calvary!

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jeremy said...

Wow! It was a good two weeks. Highlights include

* being asked to speak at someone's baptism service. I spoke on Acts 16 :-)

* finding a Christian colleague at work, for the first time ever!

* being given 150 pounds, just when I needed it!

I don't think God always answers prayers in such amazing ways, but it was very gracious of Him to do so during my two-week prayer challenge. It's given me strength and courage and determination to keep on praying! (1 Thessalonians 5.17)